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The Assam Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. was incorporated on the 9th June, 1988 and registered under the Companies Act, 1956 Vide No.- 02-03006 of 1988-89. The State Govt. of Assam has promoted and set up the Corporation for growth and development of tourism in Assam.


As per Memorandum & Articles of Associations, the main aims and objectives of the Corporation are briefly given below:-

To promote and develop tourism in the State of Assam.
To take over and develop and manage the tourist lodges, tourist hotels, restaurants, guest houses, entertainment projects etc. from the State Govt. of Assam and also to purchase, acquire, develop, construct, sell, lease etc. for the purpose of promotion and growth of tourism.
To acquire, operate and maintain cars, buses, coaches, launches, rope ways and other modes of transport for communication of tourists.
To provide entertainment to tourists, organise tourism related activities such as cultural shows, fairs and festivals etc.
To take over and develop and manage places of tourist interest, parks, lakes, avenues, beaches and recreational places, spots etc.
To promote tourism by all desirable means and take up such other incidental and / or ancillary works for the growth of tourism and enter into agreements with associations, individuals, companies, bodies etc. for any purpose conducive to the growth of tourism, etc.


Schemes / Infrastructure Projects sanctioned by the Government :

Over the years, both the Central and State Govt. of Assam had identified and executed several large, medium and minor tourism projects for infrastructure building as well as schemes for marketing and promotion of Assam Tourism.

These included infrastructure projects like the following all of which have had a major impact on promotion of tourism in the state of Assam.

Development of Tourism circuits Tourism Complex
Tourist Reception Centres
Upgradation and expansion of tourist facilities
Development of Pilgrim Centres
Water Sports etc.

There has been significant progress in most of the projects during the last few years. Once all the infrastructure projects are completed, these will go a long way in promoting Assam Tourism. Nevertheless, for sustainable growth of tourism, large investment for infrastructure development is called for. This can be possible if the private sector comes forward for investment considering the potential of Assam Tourism.


The renewed emphasis on tourism, mainly in the sphere of infrastructure development has been well complimented by the recent statistics of tourist inflow as briefly depicted below :

Tour 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Domestic 22,86,630 24,67,656 32,68,657 34,36,484 36,17,306 39,98,706 40,50,924 43,39,485 45,11,407 46,84,527 48,35,492 56,42,950
Foreign 7285 10,782 11,151 13,105 14,426 14,533 15,157 16,400 17,542 17,638 21,725 26,320

Tour 2016 2017
Domestic 57,13,156 59,34,791
Foreign 28,419 31,739


Tourism is one sector which cannot grow to its true potential with governmental efforts alone. It requires private initiatives for investment and promotion. The State Govt. has endeavored to intensity private sector investment and participation in management and development of the projects already set up and also for establishment of new projects.

With these objectives in view, at present 45 various projects / units are run by ATDC in association with private participation.

Some major projects with private participation are:

Luxury Cruise Vessel between Kaziranga and Guwahati
Amusement Park at Guwahati
Ropeway project at Kamakhya
Luxury resorts, wayside amenities with all modern facilities etc. are in various stages of implementation.


In the above backdrop, tourism being a multi-sectoral activity, can be promoted by investment in some major projects. A tentative list of such projects are given below :

1. Star Hotels/ Resorts and Convention Centres at Guwahati and other places
This premier city of Guwahati offers scope for large hotels / resorts of 4 and 5 star categories with modern Convention Centres.

2. Floating Hotel & Restaurant / Marriage Hall etc on River Brahmaputra
As a major centre of tourist attraction and to promote river tourism, there is ample scope to introduce "Floating Hotel & Restaurant / Marriage Hall etc on River Brahmaputra". Such a large project with all modern facilities and amenities has tremendous scope.

3. Luxury Cruises on River Brahmaputra
Luxury Cruise Vessel can also be linked up for cruising between Guwahati and Dibrugarh on the Brahmaputra, which is a National Waterway, with navigation channel for at least 330 days a year to be maintained by Inland Waterways Authority of India. Such a project can be promoted for the high-end customers in domestic and overseas market.

4. Budget Hotels in district hotels
There is scope for opening a chain of Budget hotels in district towns of Nagaon, Jorhat, Sivasagar, Dibrugarh, Tinsukia, Sonitpur, Dhubri, Barpeta, Silchar, Hailakandi, Karimganj etc.

5. Short Distance Flights
There is tremendous scope in operating short distance flights connecting the major towns of Northeast India.

6. Ayurvedic and Healthcare resorts
Assam's amazing scenic beauty with vast open areas and unpolluted air is perfect for setting up Ayurvedic and Healthcare resorts.

7.Leisure & amusement facilities on the Brahmaputra river
The vast river Brahmaputra flowing the state of Assam offers tremendous potential for leisure and amusement facilities

8. Hover Craft /Speed Boat Services on the Brahmaputra river
Introducing Hover Craft / Speed Boat services in the Brahmaputra may be another area which may be feasible for investment for linking some of the major tourist spots by river ways.

9. Hot -Air Ballooning, Rafting, Para sailing and other water sports
Introducing Hot air Ballooning over Kaziranga National Park, Manas, Pobitora, Dibriu-Saikhowa National Park etc may also be yet another potential area as a viable commercial proposition. Likewise, investment for water sports like, para sailing on the Brahmaputra and rafting at Jia-bharali (near Tezpur) etc with all provisions of tourist amenities may be a very potential source of investment and development.

10. Golf Courses - Upgradation, Modernization and Management
No other state in the country offers as many as 20 golf courses within a compact area as Assam does. A striking feature of the golf courses is the availability of large numbers of airstrips, which can be upgraded and modernized. The golf circuit will require modern accommodation facilities in selected places and investment for upgradation and modernization to promote them amongst the golf-lovers of the world and intensive marketing for their promotion. Promoting the golf courses and also the century old tea gardens amongst the present generation in UK, Scotland, etc besides golf lovers of different countries may be yet another viable area for investment.

The Govt. of Assam also welcomes project proposals with details of techno-economic feasibility report for setting up large revenue generating projects for setting up as joint venture with provision for equity participation by Govt. of India, Ministry of Tourism and the State Govt. The Govt. of Assam may also provide ground hospitality and other supports for technical experts for conducting techno-economic study for such tourism projects in selected areas

The State Govt. will continue its Policy Initiatives for growth of tourism in the State. If the fiscal incentives available to other industries are also provided to the project/units under tourism sector in near future by the Govt of India, it will go a long way for sustainable growth of tourism sector in the entire North East region.

@ 2016, Assam Tourism Development Corporation .